Ford Raptor Specs & Info

2010 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications

Raptor released with 5.4L only Job 1 builds
6.2 released Job 2 in mid 2010. 5.4L phased out completely after 2010 model year.
All 2010 Raptors are SuperCabs
Available Colors in 2010:
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Molten Orange
  • Blue Flame Metallic
  • Oxford White
2011 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications
SuperCrew model introduced with 4 fullsize doors and new hood graphics
6.2L Boss V-8 became standard on all F150 Raptors, retiring the 5.4L V-8. 
Available Colors In 2011:
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Molten Orange
  • Blue Flame Metallic
  • Oxford White
  • Ingot Silver Metallic
  • Ebony Black (only a few - because of Japanese tsunami some of the color tints were at a shortage and Tuxedo (metallic) Black was substituted 
2012 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications
  • Torsen front differential became optional equipment (full differential lockup at a predetermined amount of slip is detected).
  • Front camera system added to optional equipment. 
  • Slight interior and exterior styling changes for 2012 model years, distinguishing them from previous years, blue accent interior replaced orange accent interior option 
  • Cooled seats become standard with the optional luxury interior package.
  • "Digital Mud Graphics" replaced by RAPTOR bedside graphics introduced
  • Molten Orange Color was eliminated as an option and was replaced with Race Red
  • Blue Accent interior replaces Orange Accent Interior option 
Available Colors In 2012 - all the same except Race Red replacing Molten Orange.
2013 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications
  • Color Terrain (desert sand) added (all else the same)
  • HID headlights available as option
  • Forged Beadlock SVT wheels available
  • 4.10 rear end gears
  • 6R80 6 speed auto transmission (6 speed - 800 lb/ft rated)
Assembly Plant:
Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan
Engine/Drivetrain Technical Specifications
  • 5.4L 3v V-8 (available for 2010 model years only).
  • 6.2L 2v Boss V-8 (optional in 2010, standard on 2011+ model years).
Rated Horsepower:
  • 310 hp @ 5,000 rpm (5.4L). 
  • 411 hp @ 5,500 rpm (6.2L).
Rated Torque:
  • 365 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm (5.4L). 
  • 434 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm (6.2L).
6-speed automatic transmission 
  • 1st gear ratio 4.17 : 1 
  • 2nd gear ratio 2.34 : 1 
  • 3rd gear ratio 1.52 : 1 
  • 4th gear ratio 1.14 : 1
  • 5th gear ratio 0.86 : 1
  • 6th gear ratio 0.69 : 1 
  • Reverse gear ratio 3.40 : 1
4.10 axle ratios, rear electronic locking differential.
Ground Clearance:
9.5" front, 9.3" rear.
Front Suspension:
Internal bypass Fox Racing Shox, coil over, double wishbone independent with aluminum lower control arm and forged steel upper control arm.
Rear Suspension:
Internal bypass Fox Racing Shox, solid axle with leaf springs.
17" cast aluminum wheels w/ machined finish, 35" LT315/70/R17 BSW all-terrain tires.
  • Front 13.8" disc with vented rotors. 
  • Rear 13.7" disc with vented rotors.
Max GCWR :
  • 12,500 lbs (SuperCab).
  • 14,700 lbs (SuperCrew).
Max Payload:
  • 920 lbs (SuperCab).
  • 1,020 lbs (SuperCrew).
Max Towing:
  • 6,000 lbs (SuperCab).
  • 8,000 lbs (SuperCrew).
Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Torque Specifications
A full list of the torque specs for everything on the Raptor SVT
Ford Raptor SVT Torque Specifications NM lb-ft lb-in
Rear Suspension      
Shock absorber nuts 90 66 N/A
Shock absorber shield bolts (Fox shock guard) 4 N/A 35
Spring shackle-to-frame nut 185 136 N/A
Spring-to-frame nut 350 258 N/A
Spring-to-shackle nut 185 136 N/A
Leaf Spring U-bolt Nuts Torque To Yield, Consult Ford Service For Instructions    
Jounce bumper-to-frame bolt 35 26 N/A
Front Suspension NM lb-ft lb-in
Brake caliper anchor plate bolts 250 184 N/A Locktite
Brake disc shield bolts 17 N/A 150
Brake hose bracket bolt 30 22 N/A
Halfshaft nut 27 20 N/A
Integrated Wheel End (IWE) bolts 15 N/A 133
Lower arm forward and rearward nuts 350 258 N/A
Lower ball joint nut 150 111 N/A
Shock absorber lower nut 550 406 N/A
Shock absorber upper mount nuts 40 30 N/A
Shock rod nut 55 41 N/A
Skid plate bolts 48 35 N/A
Stabilizer bar bracket nuts 55 41 N/A
Stabilizer bar link nuts 80 59 N/A
Tie-rod end nut 115 85 N/A
Upper arm-to-frame nuts 150 111 N/A
Upper ball joint nut 115 85 N/A
Wheel bearing and wheel hub bolts 175 129 N/A
Wheel speed sensor bolt 18 N/A 159
Wheel speed sensor harness bracket bolt 12 N/A 106
Rear Brakes NM lb-ft lb-in
Axle vent valve 18 N/A 159
Brake caliper bleeder screw 20 N/A 177
Brake caliper flow bolt 40 30 N/A
Brake caliper guide pin bolt 30 22 N/A
Brake caliper support bracket bolts 165 122 N/A LOCKTITE
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-axle bolt 30 22 N/A
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-frame bolt 17 N/A 150
Brake noise damper 14 N/A 124
Brake tube fitting 17 N/A 150
Front Brakes NM lb-ft lb-in
Brake caliper anchor plate bolts 250 184 N/A
Brake caliper flow bolt 40 30 N/A
Brake caliper guide pin bolt 37 27 N/A
Brake disc shield bolts 18 N/A 159
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-frame bolt 17 N/A 150
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-wheel knuckle bolt 30 22 N/A
Brake tube fitting 17 N/A 150
Drive Shafts      
Driveshaft flange bolts 103 76 N/A LOCKTITE
Front flange-to-pinion flange bolts 55 41 N/A LOCHTITE
Bumpers NM lb-ft lb-in
Frame mounting bracket-to-front bumper nuts 115 85 N/A
Front bumper cover-to-fender bolts 3 N/A 27
Front bumper cover-to-radiator support bolts 3 N/A 27
Rear bumper nuts 175 129 N/A
Rear harness ground bolt 10 N/A 89
Tow hook bolts 115 85 N/A
Lug nuts NM lb-ft lb-in
Start by hand, tighten in star pattern to 204 150 N/A
Bed bolts NM lb-ft lb-in
Bed box to frame 80 59 N/A
Spark plugs NM lb-ft lb-in
5.4 *8 plugs 12 N/A 106
6.2 *16 plugs 12 N/A 106
Drain plugs NM lb-ft lb-in
Oil drain plug both 5.4 and 6.2 23 17 N/A
Capacity, both 5.4 and 6.2, 5w20, 7 quarts with filter R&R.
Oil filter Ford Part #FL-820S
Front diff fill plug, Capacity, premium 80w-90 gear lube, 1.70L/3.6pt 25 18 N/A
Rear diff fill plug, Capacity, Synthetic 75w-140, 2.84L/6.0 pt 30 22 N/A
To drain the oil on the diffs, the cover needs to come off.      
Differential cover NM lb-ft lb-in
Rear differential housing cover bolts 45 33 N/A
Front differential housing cover bolts 32 24 N/A
Transfer case      
Drain plug 15 N/A 33
Fill Plug 15 n/a 33
Capacity Motorcraft Transfer Case Fluid
XL-12 (Ford's fancy name for ATF fluid), 1.4L/2.9 pt
Fuel Tank NM lb-ft lb-in
Fuel pump module cover nuts 9 N/A 80
Fuel tank skid plate nuts 20 N/A 177
Fuel tank support strap bolts 47 35 N/A
Power Steering System NM lb-ft lb-in
Inner tie rods 120 89 N/A
Oil drip shield bolts 7 N/A 62
Outer tie-rod end nuts 115 85 N/A
Power steering fluid reservoir stud bolt 8 N/A 71
Power steering pump bolts and stud bolt 25 18 N/A
Pressure line bracket-to-crossmember bolt 7 N/A 62
Pressure line bracket-to-engine nut 40 30 N/A
Pressure line-to-pump fitting 75 55 N/A
Steering column shaft-to-steering gear bolt 30 22 N/A
Steering gear nuts and bolts 440 325 N/A
Steering gear turn tubes clamp plate bolt 11 N/A 97
Steering line clamp plate bolt 23 17 N/A
Tie-rod jam nuts 103 76 N/A
Turn tube banjo bolt dampers 43 32 N/A


More About Ford Raptor Maintenance Recommendations




Engine Oil
     Grade 1......API

Maximum Performance SAE 5W-20 Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil (ALMQT)

Performance Plus XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil (XLMQT)

Performance OE 5W20 Synthetic Motor Oil (OEMQT)

     All TEMPS......5W-20

Automatic Transmission,6R80......MLV 
         Low Viscosity Synthetic ATF (ATLQT)

Differential, Rear W/ 9.75 ELD......GL-5 All TEMPS

       75W-140 SEVERE GEAR 75W-140 Synthetic EP Lubricant (SVOQT)
         80W-140 Synthetic Long Life Gear Lube (FGO05)

Differential, Front Raptor......GL-5
     All TEMPS......80W-90
         SAE 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube (AGLQT)
         SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 Synthetic EP Lubricant (SVGQT)
         75W-90 Synthetic Long Life Gear Lube (FGRQT)
         SEVERE GEAR 75W-110 Synthetic EP Lubricant (SVTQT)
Transfer Case,......SLF 
         Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATFQT)

     Power Steering Fluid......MA5
         Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATFQT)
     Clutch Fluid......
         No AMSOIL Product Recommendation
     Brake Fluid......HB
         AMSOIL Brake Fluid DOT-3 (BF3SN)


Oil Filters
5.4  Liter
25,000-Mile Ea Oil Filter (EAO11)

6.2 Liter
25,000-Mile Ea Oil Filter (EAO11)

Air Filter
WIX 49883 Air Filter

Transmission Filters

6R80 - No Filter Currently Available

      0 Fittings, 0 Plugs
Engine, with filter..........7 quarts [1]
Cooling System, Initial Fill..........16.9 quarts

AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
Automatic Transmission, 4R75E Initial Fill..........5 quarts
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
   6 speed 6R80..........13 quarts
Differential, With 9.75 Trac-Lo Rear..........5.3 pints [2]
Differential, With 9.75 RingGear Std Rear..........5.5 pints
Differential, With 8.8 RingGear Std Rear..........5.9 pints
Differential, Front..........3.6 pints
Transfer Case, ..........3 pints

[1] After refill check oil level.
[2] Traction-Lok axles add 4oz of friction modifier Ford part No XL-3 or equivalent formulated to meet
Ford spec EST-M2C118-A. 

SLIP LOCK Differential Additive For The Front Differential

   Oil Drain Plug.....17 ft/lbs
   Transfer Case 
     Fill Plug 11 ft/lbs
     Drain Plug 11 ft/lbs



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