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We understand that it is sometimes hard to trust just any company out there on the internet for giving your hard earned money on parts when you may have never heard of the company. As a brand new company that was started in May of 2013, we are well aware that you want to feel confident when making a purchase from the Freedom Motorsports online store. Because of this we have put together a list of independent reviews submitted by FordRaptorForum members to the forum itself. This is not something the members of do lightly. They are a very tight nit community of quality individuals who do not stand for poor customer service so when you read a review posted by the members about a sponsoring forum vendor you can bet that they have posted said review only after fully vetting that vendor. 

Take a look at some of the reviews posted on FordRaptorForum by the members that have ordered from us in the past. Each quote has a link that will lead to the corresponding thread on the forum. We welcome all reviews from our customers so if no matter what kind of experience you have had with us, please post it to the forum or provide it to one of the company profile pages listed in this page as well (according to the email provider you utilize and to get the word out about how you feel you were treated by Freedom Motorsports.  


"Chris got me hooked up with an intake and tunes from 5-Star. Had the exhaust on, put the intake on yesterday and loaded a tune. We will get a chance to try her out Saturday, heading to the Ford Nationals for the day. Thanks Chris for the deal and getting it here quick!"
"So as some of you guys know I won the DIY contest that Chris did for his website. I was more than happy to help him out and give him my DIY projects. Well since I was almost due for my next oil change of course I spent the $100 on an oil change. Got my amsoil oil and filter! I'm super excited to try out amsoil in my raptor. I used it in my 66 mustang and loved it so I'm sure ill love it in my raptor! Thanks again Chris for the Awesome oil and I have a feelin ill be buying more amsoil from you in the future! I use to use royal purple HP full synthetic cause my wife works at orielys so I get a real good discount and they don't sell amsoil haha!"
"Chris is the man. He shipped my exhaust overseas in 4 days. Amazon prime doesn't have anything on this guy. "
"I just wanted to say thanks to Chris for the service he provides. If you have not ordered anything from Freedom Motorsports, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. He has answered questions for me, even on the weekend before any Raptor weekend project. As customers people tend to complaint about many things but it is also important to recognize good businesses. He is definitely the go to guy for any Raptor stuff! "
"Delayed post. Got the exhaust pretty fast and installed a few weeks ago. 
I will be back for more goodies from you. Ordered my black MBRP exhaust from Chris and it arrived at my door faster than I was expecting it. I installed it the following weekend and love it."
"Excellent quality ,performance, Customer Service above All
The service provided by Chris Kelley, Freedom Motorsports Inc. is far beyond any customer service and experience."
"I just purchased a BakFLIP from Freedom Motorsports, after meeting Chris and his family at the beach meetup here in NC. He promised unbeatable which he delivered, not only were the prices good, but probably some of the best customer service found from any FRF vendor.
A Big Thanks to Chris and I would definitely recommend Freedom Motorsports."
"Let me start off by saying that I wanted to buy multiple items at once, but did not want to have to call multiple vendors to do it. I gave Chris a call and he handled everything for me and also gave me excellent prices. There was a bump in the road that was out of his control and he not only rectified the situation, he made the problem an even better deal for me. Its hard to find the excellent customer service that Chris provides and I will definitely buy from Freedom Motorsports again. Thanks Chris."
"I was fortunate to have won a complete set of R1 Concepts Premium Series rotors at Havoc in the hills, which Freedom Motorsports (aka Chris Kelley) donated to the charity raffle. I received the rotors yesterday, and are waiting on the Posi Quiet pads I ordered to compliment the rotors."
"I struggled with what order of modifications to improve performance. I didn't want to spend the cash for headers, exhaust, CAI and tuners all at the same time. For convenience and cost sake I went with 5 star tune first. I dialed in the 87 performance. I was a little disappointed with the street performance. It was too aggressive and high revving. Then I took it out on some 2 tracks. It really shined off road. It was a night and day difference. I will definitely dial in the 93 performance for serious off road driving. I am going to try the 87 economy tune for smooth in town driving. Thanks for the advice Chris."
"Got my catbacks for the mustang"
"As you all know I was a proud recipient of the DIY contest: Vote for your favorite DIY Project!
I had the chance to work with Chris on placing my order for the grand prize of $150 towards Amsoil products. Now I've been wanting to try Amsoil stuff and really was hesitant to do so fearing the worst because at the time I figured it would be a hassle. Well I was more than completely wrong. "
"Just ordered some HD metal protectant and silicome spray based on what others have recommended. This is my first Amsoil product to use, so far!!!"
"Great seller! Good communication and fast shipping!"
"Chris has been a wonder to work with. I even before I met him I have asked him for quotes and he has been patient with me as I have gotten my shopping lists together. Chris has gone out of his way to get information or get signed up with other vendors to be able to procure the equipment that I have been looking for at a good price. He has been very responsive and meticulous when dealing with an issue where the wrong part was shipped to me. Within no time I had the correct part and returned the other with little inconvenience to me. It is nice to see a vendor step up even if something got messed up and deal with the issue without letting it drag on. 
"I would definitely recommend Freedom Motorsports to anyone and look forward to continued business with him going forward."
"In the past 2 weeks i have ordered $9000+ Worth of parts through Chris at Freedom Motorsports. His customer service is outstanding, he has kept me up to date with my orders, 7 Days a week customer service. I Couldn't have built this raptor with out his help at all. Amazing prices on everything as well. Need more people like him in this Industry!!! "
"5 Stars all the way. I wish every vendor was like this."
"Got my order in and delivered. Great response time and a lot of help. If you don't have an amsoil account already get yours through him."

"Second purchase from Chris. Standup guy. Plethora of information. Would not hesitate to deal with him. Honest as the day is long."

Freedom Motorsports, Inc. BBB Business Review